Toronto-based composer, producer and singer Lydia Ainsworth

It’s not hard to find people in Toronto who are passionate about Lydia Ainsworth’s music. The award-winning composer, producer and singer is a beloved figure in the city’s music scene thanks to her thoughtfully crafted tunes and mesmerising vocals. Combining elements of classical composition with hints of electronica and pop, Ainsworth has carved out a unique and unforgettable sound that captivates listeners around the world.

Originally born in Alberta, Ainsworth moved to Toronto in 2010, where she earned a Masters degree in Music Technology. After releasing two EPs since 2007, she released her debut album Right from Real in 2014. The record was praised across the globe and propelled Ainsworth’s career as an artist. She followed up with her critically acclaimed 2016 sophomore album Darling Of The Afterglow. Drawing inspiration from sources such as fairytales, astrology and dreams, the album chronicles Ainsworth’s personal journey and self-reflection.

Since then, Ainsworth’s skilful songwriting and instrumentation have been undeniably influential in Toronto’s diverse music landscape. Her unwavering commitment to innovation means she is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with sounds. The results are truly breathtaking and give audiences an escape from reality through her enchanting artistry.

Lydia Ainsworth is one of the most prominent creative figures in Toronto today; her powerful body of work serves as a source of inspiration for many aspiring local artists. Her success story proves that anything is possible when you pursue your dreams with passion and dedication. We look forward to seeing how she continues to elevate the city’s music industry in years to come.

Toronto’s vibrant music scene has been gifted with the talents of composer, producer, and singer, Lydia Ainsworth. Over the past decade, she’s crafted her own captivating sound by blending synth-pop and dreamy folk, creating art that merges experimentalism and melody.

In 2012, Lydia released her debut EP ‘Right from Real: Pt. I’ which received praise from blogs and magazines all over the world. She then followed it up in 2014 with her debut LP ‘Right from Real’ to even greater success. The album saw her tour major markets like London, Paris, New York and Chicago.

In 2017, Ainsworth released her heavily anticipated sophomore album ‘Darling of the Afterglow’ to critical acclaim. Her sound reveals a rich journey through hip-hop flourishes, cinematic ballads and personal storytelling while also featuring collaborations with some amazing producers such as Chrome Sparks and Valconosa.

This year Ainsworth has signed with Arts & Crafts label to release her third record ‘Phantom Forest’ – a mesmerizing collection of uplifting and atmospheric songs which lyrically explore human vulnerability. The previously shared single “Diamonds Cutting Diamonds” captures her thoughtful lyricism paired with immeasurable master production that puts together her diverse musical talents quite nicely.

It’s clear that Lydia Ainsworth has instantly become one of most exciting artists in Toronto today and has earned respect from music fans globally. As her timeless music continues to enthral those who stumble upon it, we can only hope that there is more to come soon from this talented Canadian artist.