Toronto-based composer, producer and singer Lydia Ainsworth

Lydia Ainsworth is a Toronto-based singer and composer. She is the founder of the company REELIX, the digital agency for music in Toronto.

A very talented musician, musician is a very important part of her life.

Her parents were very supportive of her artistic endeavors and she taught music classes to the children in their school. She worked as a professional musician for many years and has written songs that have been played at venues such as the Cineplex Odeon in Toronto, Canada.

Lydia Ainsworth is a Toronto-based composer who has been making music since 1997. She started composing as a hobby, using computers and digital audio workstations for two years before eventually striking out on her own. Since then, she’s composed for various film and television projects, including the popular CBC show Dragons’ Den. Her compositions are used in a variety of soundtracks around the world and she signed to Warner Chappell Music Publishing in 2013.

Lydia Ainsworth is a Toronto based composer and singer with over 50 credits on YouTube.

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Lydia Ainsworth (born Lydia Moir) is a Toronto-based composer and producer. She is the co-founder and creative director at Muzzy Soho, a record label dedicated to new music in Canada.

Lydia Ainsworth is a Toronto-based composer, producer and singer. She has collaborated with artists such as Bruno Mars, Erykah Badu, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West.

Lydia is one of the most talented Toronto based composers and producers. Her talents include composing, producing, sound design and recording. She has played on a variety of projects including films, television shows, commercials, cartoons and music videos.

She started her journey as an apprentice to another composer at age 17 and later went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston where she continued learning music composition with them. After the completion of her studies in Boston she returned back to Toronto where she started working with different people in the music industry as freelancer for various clients such as Nickelodeon TV Shows like “iCarly”, “Sam & Cat”, “Drake & Josh” etc., advertising agencies such as DDB Canada and Mckinsey Global Media among others.

Lydia Ainsworth is a Toronto-based musician who produces her own music and has started a new career as a composer, producer and singer. In this talk she will share her stories on what it means to be a professional musician in Toronto – whether you are an artist or just someone who loves making music.

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