Special visual artist Dan Colen will present a set of new large-format paintings from his series

Dan Colen is one of the leading visual artists in San Francisco, who was born in 1957. In the late 1990s, he started to make paintings with a new kind of abstractions. His paintings can be found in public collections and private homes all around the world and are exhibited frequently.

A set of paintings made using large format film and photographic techniques.

We should not skip this section as it is a highly interesting and in-depth one. It will be interesting to take a look at this part too. It will describe the creative process of Colen, the artist, who has mastered his artistic skills through years of experience and training with cameras, film and photo processors. He started such art series when he was 14 years old. We can see him in his works: trying different mediums to find out what suits him best. He is also known for his unique style which we definitely don’t want to miss out on!

In this presentation, you will get to see and feel the current state of art and appreciation for Dan Colen’s work.

“The series of large-format paintings with its distinctive sculptural form is a unique and original approach to the sculpture.”

Unlike other artists, Dan Colen uses his creativity without trying to be commercially successful. He works on an idea for a longer time and then lets it go where it might lead itself. It also takes him a long time to finish one painting, he says. When it is finished, he doesn’t look at it again for days or weeks – instead he walks around in the woods among trees and animals, until he sees that something has caught his attention again. That is why Dan Colen’s works are mainly about nature. He has already developed this technique over years of practice as a visual artist but no one had ever seen paintings like his before.

“Fertile Ground” is a series of large-format paintings. The central subject is a garden, located in the middle of the four canvases.

“Fertile Ground” depicts one plant, grown in an actual garden soil. The painting includes the cultivated plant in front and behind it, a single tree on one side, and other plants on another side of the painting. It conveys the sense that time has stopped while time passes by.

We could say that these paintings present a snapshot of its world: what would be taking place inside it if we were to leave it for twenty years… During my lifetime, we could say that this series is about our own lives being captured by time and space. It’s about our life being captured by its surroundings…

Colen is a painter and illustrator. He’s done a great job of creating his own style, using simple shapes and colours. Some of his paintings are used as logos in visual communication projects, while others are used by ad agencies as brand collateral images.

Finnish painter Dan Colen has created a set of new large-format paintings from his series called “The Cats”. The paintings have been inspired by the illustrations of Carl Barks, Jack Kirby and other illustrators who often depicted animals that have personalities or emotions.

It’s been presented on the occasion of Cartoon Art Museum Days 2017 at Lempa in Helsinki (15‐17 December). In the exhibition, we get to see four original paintings made with oil paint in large format (20″x30″) on canvas with their sizes varying