Dan Colen will present his works – come to the unique show

Dan Colen is an artist, designer and entrepreneur. His unique work starts with a simple problem statement: “How do I move from my current life to a better one?” He has been following his passion of art since childhood, and was always drawn to images from nature and the world around him. Since his early age, he has been inspired by the artist Pablo Picasso, who he learned about through books on the subject. Dan Colen’s works are inspired by this passion for nature and art in general that he feels very deeply for. He believes that it is important to transform endless ideas into something tangible as part of your life – so that you can share good things with your friends and family.

Dan Colen is a visual artist from the Netherlands who has been working with computers for almost 30 years. His artworks and installations are created by computer generated animations and graphics. He also has a successful design studio called “Art+M” where he employs more than 100 designers and artists to create modern art that expresses his creativity in new ways.

If you are an artist, or if you like to paint and want to learn more about the creative process, then we have the ultimate show for you!

People love art, and they are actively engaged with it – they do not just look at a painting but also try to experience it. However, learning from artists is often cumbersome. They do not give the time needed for this process. It can be annoying because of various distractions on a daily basis – email messages, texts, social media and so on.

We are looking for artists that will take part in this interactive workshop where they will learn about artwork making process step by step – from sketching to finishing your creation.

Dan Colen is a fine art photographer who makes portraits with his camera.

Dan Colen is an artist and a programmer. He gets his inspirations through listening to music, watching movies and playing video games. In his work, he often explores the world of colors and colors in nature. His works are mostly inspired by organic forms such as fruit or fruits and vegetables, or animal forms like cows, trees etc.

Dan Colen is particularly interested in the color pallets of displays in stores such as supermarkets or retail stores. He uses the tools available on the web to create beautiful palettes for them with colors that will make them stand out among their competitors.

Dan Colen is an artist and a composer. He has created many works of art that are displayed in galleries around the world. He is also a technology enthusiast and programmer of cybernetic machines and software.

Dan Colen, an artist from Belgium and winner of the 2015 Fotografieprijs, will present his works in front of you!

Dan Colen is a visual artist, who creates artworks using Photoshop, Illustrator and other digital software. He can easily create his own styles on top of these software – depending on the color palette, content and style he wants to use.

Dan Colen’s works have attracted international attention for the last years. In 2017 he did an exhibition at the Southbank Centre in London where 4 of his works were displayed in a gallery together with some other renowned artists and designers. The exhibition received very positive reviews, which were quoted in many Italian media outlets such as: “Il Corriere della Sera”, “La Repubblica”, “Corriere dello Sport”.